Excuse me, but you need to stOP KILLING ME WITH YOUR CUTE ART. Also i'm 500% you've convinced me to be a sharkbait shipper. OOPS.

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Anon bby, I’m more than happy to have made you ship sharkbait, come and have a warm bath with the rest of the fandom in our very own tears. Also, as for the cute art, I’m not even the slightest bit sorry.

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What have you done to me?! I can't stop feeling like I must ship ice bait 24/7

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(~‾⌣‾)~ `•.¸.•´  º ♡ OTP~

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Where did your tutorial about umbreons go? I can't access it no more, it gives me 404 not found ;_;

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Oh, that didn’t take long for people to notice.

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Some B/W traditional draws because it’s been years since I touched these pens. 

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I feel like this song defines Yuma and Zexal perfectly and no one will convince me otherwise.

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hi!! i read your faq and wasn't sure about this, but would it be okay if I used your art in a signature on an adoptive forum? thank you, have a nice day!

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Yeah sure, go for it. You don’t have to give credit unless someone asks or if you just feel like it.

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Old and new sketches in a mix

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This oversaturated pallet just made it super hard not to make him look like something from the simpsons.

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These were a lot of fun to do, especially Zexal 2!

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I want 3000 arts of zexal characters angry about game cuts


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I was arguing with myself over what Zexal form I liked the design of best, yesterday night after that one ask, and then this happened. I don’t know guys, I really don’t know.

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Dear Tami, I have a legit question for you. Would you ship Dark Zexal with any other Zexal// Yuma?

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Whut. You’re asking someone who has Zexalcest as their otp, friend. YumaxAnyone is my game, but YumaxZexal forms is just too great, so yeah, of course i ship it, the more Yuma, the better.

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Ship this with me dammnit.

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