This has been in drafts for so long aaaaa, but I’m finally posting it. Remember that Kotori i drew with shaymin? I’ll try to finish these just like that one. I want to draw Ryoga, Black Mist, Cathy, Tetsuo, and just the rest of the number’s club with a Pokemon I think suit them.

I’ve tried to only keep it legendaries for everyone, so yea, this is all the sketches I have for now (lol tablet pressure died on yuma what). Just posting something since I’m art-silent lately.

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Hello, Drawerelma. I have just visited your deviantART page, and noticed that your puzzleshipping art was gone. Have you lost interest? How come you don't draw those two anymore? I have nothing against Zexal, I actually love it, but, will you not draw puzzleshipping ever again? :(

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You might as well take it as losing interest, even if it’s not only that. There was a point where I wasn’t enjoying it anymore, and would have stopped drawing for it. If Zexal wouldn’t have happened, I would have gone back to drawing Pokemon just like I did with Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s nothing new. People who have known me from D.A early days know I shift between interests. 

Friendly Reminder: About 90% of my entire gallery vanished, not even 3% was puzzleshipping. It’s not like I singled out puzzleshipping and decided to get rid of it.

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Ah, I wasn't trying to criticize you! I just meant that your watercolors are really gorgeous!! I've always had trouble with the medium myself. Could you possibly give me any tips?

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Don’t worry about that gif honey, I was joking <3 I usually reply to any cute ask with either a doodle or a gif. As for your questions, i’ll be serious (for once in my life) and answer them~ 

I don’t know much about it since I just got into it myself, so I don’t think I’m the best one to go for regarding this, but I’ll tell you what I use and think about it~

Dekorima aquarelle block. Lefranc & bourgeois as watercolors. I think i have those brushes too, 3 ones, others are old ones from oil painting.
I lined the draw with a derwent B pen. As for tips hmmmm…

1) Test your color on a different piece of paper (preferably not watercolor paper! Those are expensive, but you’ll see the color clearly on a regular piece of paper- if the color suits what you’re about to draw, fill in the area)
2) Always color lighter and then apply darker colors on top of it. (I think i made a mistake to go for darkest color first PURE BLACK OH GOD NO)
3) Have a piece of cloth or towel or something to soak up the water.- lightly apply to draw if you want to absorb paint/water and make the color lighter. 
4) (I tried to background) I tried so haaaard and got so faaaaaar… ok no but backgrounds are real fun to do! I’d encourage filling up the entire paper with color if you can, it looks more vibrant. 

I have a few more but I don’t know how to put them into word… I’d rather show at a point, but I’m sure nothing I’m saying is new. If you want to know more about watercolor I suggest you try to see what brand is easiest to work with. I’ve personally only worked with my old ones (such material where the labels are torn off i think), and compared to the ones I use now, things go a lot smoother and quicker. Wow how slow was I when I first started to watercolor… anyways, hope this answers your ask! Also- patience is really important. The first watercolors will take a long time to make, but it will slowly become easier the longer you draw! :’D

Thanks for asking and I hope this was helpful! 

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<b>ELMA IS BACK ON MY DASH!!!</b> I missed seeing your kawaii Yuma pictures!!!

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YOOOOOOOOO~ I’m still here haha, just lingering on my personal and writing for some prompts! 

I haven’t been as active getting my computer back - sitting down to draw with tablet is a bit more difficult now than before. Also, I want to explore traditional (something I haven’t done in years and wow it feels nostalgic) but there will be more awkward chibi spams in the future <3 I had a cute idea last night and I plan to draw it out soon.

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How long did it take to finish your watercolor? (It looks amazing!)

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Hi there and thank you, kind anon! .w./ Ummmmm, I’m not sure. It was probably somewhere around 7-9 hours. I worked two days on it, but I get sidetracked easily when I leave it to dry so, lmao that’s slowness on my part. I’d say 7 to 9 hours~

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How do your watercolors turn out beautiful?

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Au where Tami relentlessly kills Yuma once again. This watercolor took so much patience jfc.

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I’ll be watercoloring this soon. This is how it looks for now. I don’t know what I was going for really. Mermaid/dragon/plant hybrid. Basically, let’s puke out flowers and bring them back to life through breath. I’m starting to develop an au around it already and im screaming at my mind already, no. Too many aus.

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All of these except Yuma will be sent to cute friends overseas. The first two are already with their owners but the rest need to go too~ (uwu✿)

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Tried to do something quick so it’s a lil messy but whatevs (¬_c_¬)

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Excuse me, but you need to stOP KILLING ME WITH YOUR CUTE ART. Also i'm 500% you've convinced me to be a sharkbait shipper. OOPS.

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Anon bby, I’m more than happy to have made you ship sharkbait, come and have a warm bath with the rest of the fandom in our very own tears. Also, as for the cute art, I’m not even the slightest bit sorry.

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Where did your tutorial about umbreons go? I can't access it no more, it gives me 404 not found ;_;

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Oh, that didn’t take long for people to notice.

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Some B/W traditional draws because it’s been years since I touched these pens. 

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